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Financing Options, Imaging Technology, Medical Technology Acquisitions, Leasing Options, Asia, Europe, Africa & the Americas


Stiegel Consulting also have Financing Options as follows;
We can consult you on ways to finance your next project and provide your patients the best care while giving your doctors access to the best equipment for treating patients such as: MRI, Linear Accelerator, CT Scanner, CAT LAB, Proton Therapy Systems, Nuclear Imaging and Diagnostic Medicine, Ultra Sound, and X-Ray and Imaging Technology. At Stiegel we take a whole approach in finding solutions for your strategic hospital turnkey projects and financing.
Our hospital project consultants can help fund the acquisition of new medical technology and construction expenses. Our loan management options for health care providers create growth opportunities by working with multinational financial organizations, providing deferred payments, loans, and leasing options. The goal is to provide your medical facility with short and long term solutions, to provide technologically advanced care, with long term financial sustainability.
We can offer a wide range of medical equipment, working closely with most leading brands, including: Siemens, Philips, GE Healthcare, Varian, Hitachi, Roche, Olympus, Drager, and more, to bring you global leading edge technological solutions into your medical facility.
In a time where health care cost are rising, our loan management team can put together a plan to assist in your short and long term strategy to deliver innovative health care centers with optimal patient care

Focusing on the client:
- Review potential needs, outlook and financial base
- Examine the options that may be available subject to due diligence
- Implement the package approved by the financial organizations and accepted by the client

Providing multiple financing options:
- Solutions for wide range of industries
- Specializing in the medical sector, from clinics to hospitals
- Serving clients in multiple countries and regions
- Customizing solution through:
- International Agreements and Protocols
- International banks, including Europe, North
America, Asia and Israel
- Government and private financing insurance
- Regional and local financial organizations