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Hospital Solutions, Installation, Management Consultation, Supply & Service, Asia, Europe, Africa & the Americas


Stiegel Consulting provides the following;
Nuclear medicine, radiology technology and chemo therapy has been instrumental in the treatment of cancer patients by Oncology and Radiology doctors. Chemotherapy, radiation, non invasive acoustic surgery equipment continue to advance over the years, bringing new options for treatment of cancer.

We can provide management consulting and training for radiology centers and oncology departments, including protocols, continuing education and training for the medical and technical staff. Architectural design for diagnostic centers and departments, including room preparations- sheilding is available. Providing a well designed space & and comfort for patients and medical staff is essential to the well being of the patient.

When considering equipping and designing diagnostic center, it is important to evaluate the type of tests that the center wishes to conduct: Bone Scan, Renal, Lung, whole body scan, brain scans, ct scan, cat scan, pet scan, lung scan, and more. Equipment options vary from brand new equipment, to refurbished equipment. We can provide both, depending on medical center preference and country laws and regulations. From A to Z we can offer a full hospital turnkey solution, including hospital management and operation protocols and recruiting, and procurement of hospital supplies, furniture, equipment, consumables and ambulances.

Our hospital management and equipment consultants aim to educate, facilitate and implement strategies and protocols that will have meaningful results for your patients, improving your patient satisfaction and help to improve your RIO. Our consultants put together a hospital management plan to manage expectations to deliver your project on time and to the brief. If you already have an established business we will work wth your asset management team to plan a strategic route to navigate you out into success.

Hospital Turnkey Solutions:
- Hospital design, review and optimization, focused to address the scope of the hospital
- Construction and Project Management
- IT planning, implementation and on-going support
- Full hospital supply and service, from equipment to supplies to furniture
- Medical staff recruitment, training, consultation
- Hospital management consultation
- Financing options consultation tailored to address the client, the project, and the market for:
- Full turn-key project
- Equipment, supplies and services

Equipment Purchase, Installation & Service:
- Direct relationship with global suppliers, facilitating product acquisition, installation, training & service
- Financing options including deferred payments.

Medical Investment and Operation:
- Investor and operator in medical and diagnostic centers